The Outreach Committee coordinates fundraising and sponsorship activities. To raise funds, we have an annual Benefit Breakfast of biscuits and gravy and eggs, a Tamale Dinner in coordination with hearing screenings, and we own and operate our very own popcorn cart -- look for us at St Pat's Day with green popcorn!

In 2003, Dr. M'Elizabeth Maatta, a member and Manhattan Audiologist, developed a noise awareness program suitable for fourth graders. In the 2004-2005 academic year, we took this to five classrooms in Manhattan. We will offer this educational program each year, especially since noise-related hearing losses in youth are on the increase.

In 2004, we developed a partnership with St Joseph's Senior Village. When they moved into their new facility, the number of activity rooms increased by six and we have been providing decorations, games, videos, and activities with their director of activities.